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Hassleholm is a municipality in Skåne County in southern Sweden. Its seat is located in the city Hässleholm. The present municipality was created in 1974 when the former City of Hässleholm was amalgamated with seven surrounding municipalities. Back in 1863 there were twenty-nine local government units in the area.

The municipal coat of arms was granted in 1920 and registered for the new municipality in 1974. The cross symbolizes the railway junction, which is the origin of the town Hässleholm. The hazelnuts allude to the name Hässleholm.

Algustorpsjön & Rammsjön, Hassleholm Attractions

Bjärnum Museum, Hassleholm Attractions

Bjärnums Simhall, Hassleholm Attractions

Brönnestad Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Farstorp Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Finja Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Gumlösa Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Häglinge Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Hässlegårdens Golf Club, Hassleholm Attractions

Hässleholm Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Hässleholm Golf Club, Hassleholm Attractions

Hässleholm Kulturhus, Hassleholm Attractions

Hässleholm Museum, Hassleholm Attractions

Hästveda Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Hörja Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Ignaberga Old Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Matteröd Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Norra Mellby Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Norra Sandby Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Norra Åkarp Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Nävlinge Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Röke Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Stoby Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Sörby Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Tyringe Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Vankiva Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Verum Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Vinslöv Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Vittsjö Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Västergårda Hembygdsmuseum, Hassleholm Attractions

Västra Göinge Local History Museum, Hassleholm Attractions

Västra Torup Church, Hassleholm Attractions

Västra Torups Hembygdsgård, Hassleholm Attractions

Wittsjö Golf Club, Hassleholm Attractions

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