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Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and the fifth largest amongst the Nordic countries. The city is located on the south west-coast. The City of Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. It is situated by the sea at the mouth of Göta Älv, the river running through the city, and is the largest sea port of the Nordic countries. Gothenburg is also a significant university city with large student populations at both the University of Gothenburg, which is Scandinavia's largest university, and Chalmers University of Technology.

Åbybadet Adventure Pool, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies in a southern suburb of Greater Gothenburg. It is based around a fifty metre pool. There is also a hot water pool and two bubble pools. There are several exciting water chutes guaranteed to keep the children amused - the longest is eighty seven metres long.

Aeroseum, Gothenburg Attractions
An internationally unique exhibition destination. Inside a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker carved out of solid rock, you will be able to take a journey through the History of Flight. This cultural site will show the history and development of aviation from Icarus to contemporary fixed and rotary wing flight, civilian and military, Swedish and international.

Bohusleden Hiking Trail, Gothenburg Attractions
A 360 km hiking trail running through beautiful countryside, from Lindome in the south, through Mölndal and up to Strömstad in the north. The trail is divided into stages that are suitable for either a day's walk or a weekend hike. The wilderness trail passes through forests and valleys and along picturesque lakes.

East Indiaman Götheborg, Gothenburg Attractions
A sailing replica of an 18th century Swedish East Indiaman, a wooden sailing vessel. The original sank off Gothenburg, Sweden on 12 September 1745 while approaching its home harbour after returning from her third voyage to the China.

Elfsborg’s Fortress, Gothenburg Attractions
A 17th century fortress is located on a small island at the entrance of the harbour. With a fascinating history of battles against the Danes, the fortress was once the mightiest citadel in Sweden for coastal defence and is highly popular with visitors.

Emigrant House, Gothenburg Attractions
Contains an exhibition on the theme "The Dream of America", archives and a library documenting the emigration movement in the second half of the 19th century, when more than 200,000 people left the country.

Fassberg Church, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies in a southern suburb of Greater Gothenburg. It was built in the late nineteenth century and replaced a medieval church that had fallen into disrepair. The interior contains inventory likely to interest the visitor. This includes a fine altarpiece made in 1724. The pulpit was made in the late seventeenth century and is the work of Marcus Jäger. It is adorned with carvings representing the four evangelists.

German Church / Christina Church, Gothenburg Attractions
It was built in the eighteenth century. It was built to serve the needs of the German and Durch speaking communities in the city. The church facade is plaster and painted an attractive shade of yellow. The brick tower was built by architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz, who also worked on the Royal Palace. The church is particularly known for its forty two bell carillon, which was introduced in the nineteen sixties and chimes across the city several times a day.

Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, Gothenburg Attractions
Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and one of the leading botanical gardens in Europe. The total area is 175 hectares, of which most constitutes a nature reserve, Änggården, with an arboretum. The garden proper is about 40 hectares and there are 16,000 different species. The Rock Garden has received three stars in the Guide Michelin. Other sights worth seeing are The Rhododendron Valley, The Japanese Glade and the Greenhouses with about 4,000 various plants, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable tufa apartment and the rare Eastern Island Tree, Toromiro. The Gothenburg Botanical Garden was named The Most Beautiful Garden in Sweden in 2003.

Gothenburg Cathedral, Gothenburg Attractions
A cathedral in Gothenburg, Sweden. The cathedral is the seat for the bishop in the Church of Sweden diocese of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg City Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Located in an eighteenth century house originally built for the Swedish East India Company in the city centre of Gothenburg, Sweden. The museum itself was created in 1861 with the British Victoria and Albert Museum as model. The City Museum is a Cultural History museum and displays Gothenburg and West Sweden’s history from the Viking Age to present day. There is a permanent exhibition about the The East India Company – but the Maritime History of Gothenburg, however, has a museum of its own. The museum is also used as a public forum for the town planners to display new ideas and visions of the city for the citizens.

Gothenburg Konsthall, Gothenburg Attractions
A center for contemporary art in Gothenburg, Sweden, showing both Swedish and international art. It is placed in a classicistic building from 1923 at Götaplatsen in the center of the city. It investigates the various forms of contemporary art and presents around six exhibitions a year.

Gothenburg Maritime Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Offers an exciting glimpse into 400 years of Swedish maritime history. The exhibits cover such aspects as merchant shipping, the fishing industry through the ages, the development of Göteborg harbour and shipbuilding. The museum’s collection of figureheads is globally unique.

Gothenburg Medical Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Housed in Oterdahl House, a department of the Sahlsgrenska University Hospital. The building served as a general hospital during part of the nineteenth century. The displays contain instruments, equipment, furniture and fittings used in Swedish hospitals from the eighteenth century to the present day. The history of medicine is traced from antiquity until the present day.

Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg Attractions
Renowned for its collection of Nordic art from around the close of the 19th century. A must see is the lavishly decorated Fürstenberg Gallery, named after a leading Gothenburg art donor, Pontus Fürstenberg and his wife Göthilda. Among the artists showcased one can mention Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn, and P.S. Kröyer.

Gothenburg Natural History Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
The oldest museum in the city. It was founded in 1833. The present building housing the collection is located a few minutes walk from the city centre, in the north of Slottsskogen Park. The most famous and striking exhibits are the stuffed blue whale and African elephant. The collections however, are huge and varied, and cover the geological and natural history of the entire world.

Gothenburg Radio Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
House of outstanding collection of radio equipment tracing the history of broadcast radio, amateur radio and military communications over the past century. You can see many examples of equipment of all types, from hand built amateur stations from the nineteen twenties, to exceptionally bulky early military equipment right through to mass produced modern pieces.

Gothenburg Sports Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies to the northwest of the city centre. The museum contains a wide range of memorabilia, sporting equipment, documents and photographs connected to the sporting history of the city. There is a sporting hall of fame celebrating the achievements of residents in a variety of sports.

Haga Church, Gothenburg Attractions
Construction of the church began in 1856 and was finished in 1859. The church and also the pulpit was designed by architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd.

Kortedala Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Ahows how a home could be in the neighborhood Kortedala in northeast Gothenburg in the 1950s. The museum is housed in an ordinary apartment in a tenement house. For the renovation of the house has been carefully on just with this apartment, just to preserve it in as original condition as possible. Kortedala Museiförening have collected objects that fit into the environment.

Kållered Church, Gothenburg Attractions
Located in a southern suburb of greater Gothenburg. Several aspects of the church are likely to interest the visitor. These include the beautiful altarpiece, which was made in the latter half of the seventeenth century.

Lake Sisjön, Gothenburg Attractions
A lake located just to the southeast of Mölndal, which is part of Greater Gothenburg. The lake is a popular bathing spot during the summer and has a number of facilities.

Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg Attractions
Located in central Gothenburg and is one of the city’s top family attractions. It is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. There are thirty five different rides and attractions designed to appeal to all ages, ranging from classic merry go rounds to hair raising roller coasters. The park is set in attractive gardens, featuring trees, flowers and waterfalls.

Maritiman, Gothenburg Attractions
The world’s largest floating maritime museum. A collection of nineteen vessels is moored at Packhuskajen near the centre of Gothenburg.

Masthugget Church, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies in a prominent high spot in Gothenburg. Its high tower is a major landmark and is familiar to many seafarers. The church was designed by architect Sigfrid Ericson and consecrated in 1914. It is in a style often described as National Romantic.

Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies near the centre of Gothenburg. It was founded in 2005. It seeks to promote understanding of the diverse cultures that make up the world, and to seek international harmony and understanding.

Mölndal Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies in a southern suburb of Greater Gothenburg. The permanent exhibitions include a fine collection of Lindome furniture including examples of the famous Gustavian chair and Gothenburg chair.

Öijared Golf Clubs, Gothenburg Attractions
The largest golf centre in Sweden. It is made up of three seperate courses. The "Old Course" was laid out in 1960, and the "New Course" about ten years later.

Oscar Frederik’s Church, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies in a couple of kilometres west of Gothenburg city centre. Its main tower has a copper spire that reaches seventy five metres into the sky, making it a key landmark. The church was consecrated in 1893 and was the design of Helgo Zetterwall. It is in a highly elaborate neo Gothic style.

Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
One of Gothenburg’s major museum and is dedicated to fashion, design and the decorative arts. It houses exhibitions from the museum’s permanent collection, which includes many examples of the decorative arts collected from around the world, and from many different time periods, from antiquity to the present day.

Stora Amundön, Gothenburg Attractions
An island that lies just off the west coast of Sweden. It takes about thirty minutes to get here from the city centre of Gothenburg. The entire island is designated as a nature reserve and it is a lovely place to come and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Stora Lundby Golf Club, Gothenburg Attractions
Welcomes visitors to play its main course, or its short course, which is suitable for practice or a quick round. The resident professional offers private tuition and a number of courses designed for players of various abilities. The clubhouse offers both a bar and gourmet dining facilities suitable for large groups and events. The club is set in the countryside a few miles drive to the northwest of Gothenburg City Centre.

Torrekulla Golf Club, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies a few kilometres to the south of Gothenburg city centre. It has a relatively new course, opened in 2003. The course was designed by two of the world’s leading Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest. The course has nine holes and is designed to challenge players of most abilities.

Universeum, Gothenburg Attractions
An exciting science based activity and adventure centure located in the heart of Gothenburg. It is divided into six sections and covers a total area of seven thousand square metres. Popular areas include the rainforest section complete with authentic animals and plants, and the large aquarium hall where you can come face to face with ferocious sharks.

Volvo Museum, Gothenburg Attractions
Lies to the west of Gothenburg city centre and is accessible by paublic transport. It traces the history of the famous Volvo motor corporation from its foundation in 1927 right up to the present day. More than one hundred vehicles are on display including lorries, cars, buses and specialist engines used in the marine and aviation fields.

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